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Steve LeFever,
On & Off the Road

Next time you log in, you'll notice that the look and feel of Profit Mastery University has improved!

Not only is the new system bigger, faster, more streamlined, robust, and extremely versatile, you will also be able to run the online videos on your Smartphone, Mac, and tablet computers! (iPad, Android, etc.) We at Profit Mastery are thrilled for this new upgrade - and we know you will be too.

Learn more about Profit Mastery University.

Profit Gap,
Powered by Profit Mastery

Imagine if Profit Mastery could automatically and securely analyze your monthly financial statements and show you where your profit and cash flow opportunities are?

Well imagine no more. This elegant and powerful service exists and it is called Profit Gap (previously known as Profit Guard). Profit Gap utilizes the full power of the Profit Mastery System to automatically illuminate significant profit and cash flow opportunities with a click of a mouse. Learn more!

IFA Convention Update

This year was Profit Mastery's 19th consecutive year exhibiting at IFA and, as many of you know, during that time we have worked with franchisors to positively impact both the performance and satisfaction of their networks. (The wine was was pretty satisfying this year, too!)

Avoid the Tax Season Rush
with this Checklist

Economic challenges make timely and accurate financial data all the more critical to help you make sound decisions for your company.

By setting a schedule in place to finalize your statements for the year, you can get a head start on tax planning -- take proactive steps and avoid the tax season rush!

Click here to see our checklist for the new year.






























Steve LeFever, our Founder and Chairman, is on the road 30-40% of the year, sharing the Profit Mastery tools and processes with clients around the world. Recent business trips have taken him to Hawaii, Australia, New Orleans, Las Vegas, Guam, and Nashville.

We've allowed him some rare down-time; like when the Seattle Seahawks won the Super Bowl!

Steve with Rod Bristol, VP of Profit Mastery,
at the Seahawks Super Bowl parade.

Look out behind you!

The parade crowd at Seattle Center
(home of the Space Needle)

And then there's that time Steve went to
Disneyland and hung out with the locals.


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