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Profit Mastery Partnerships

We had a great time at the International Franchise Association (IFA) Convention in Las Vegas, where we worked in collaboration with Intuit QuickBooks© and Honkamp Krueger & Co., P.C., CPAs.

Profit Mastery Chairman and Founder Steve LeFever presented a series of 5-minute mini Profit Mastery sessions at the Intuit QuickBooks IFA booth.

Honkamp Krueger & Co. is a Top 100 CPA and business consulting firm in the U.S. Their uniquely effective package of financial services for franchisors and their franchisees is called "The HK Tax Gap." The savings and opportunities they uncover are often substantial and, best of all, the proprietary HK Tax Gap review is complementary!

Finally, Honkamp Krueger's hilarious "Most Uninteresting Man in the World" videos poke a little fun at accountants. We think you'll get a kick out of them − we laughed out loud. Watch here

New e-book: "Franchise Validator"

We're proud to announce that Profit Mastery's Executive Vice President Rod Bristol, CFE is a co-author of the new e-book, "Franchise Validator – Questions You Should Ask to Avoid Financial Ruin," by Donald Averitt.  The book covers how and when to buy a franchise, and how to conduct your due diligence and evaluate a franchise opportunity, as well as questions you should ask at each stage of the process.

The e-book is available here: and currently has a 5-star rating on!

Certified Profit Mastery Facilitators

Arkansas is the 40th state where we now have Certified Facilitators! We also have Facilitators in Canada and Australia. You too can become certified to teach the Profit Mastery program to your clients. More details here.

Profit Mastery University

Profit Mastery University (PMU) is a user-friendly and funny seminar that teaches how to manage a company from its financial reports − delivering powerful, effective and sophisticated financial performance tools in a plain-English, laugh-out-loud streaming video format right to your computer or tablet.

Here are just a few recent comments we've received about PMU:

"Profit Mastery is a great course for small business people. I just finished it and, as a banker and former business owner, I found it to be the most succinct, engaging, and useful training I have seen on the topic." − Comment from YouTube

"We endorse Profit Mastery because it works! Anyone can begin to understand the basics of finance and their business with this course. Thank you for creating such a useful tool for those of us who otherwise were driving a boat with no rudder." − Tom Seefurth, Mamma Mia Pizza Beer

"My business has been successful, very successful. After taking Profit Mastery, I now wonder how profitable we could have been. We left a lot on the table." − Client of the Univ. of Houston/Victoria SBDC, Victoria, TX

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SBA Loans from U.S. Bank

If your business needs capital for growth or expansion, we'd like to encourage you to check out the SBA Loan Program at U.S. Bank.

We've known Paul Jokerst for many years here at Profit Mastery. As Vice President of the SBA Division at U.S. Bank, Paul finds and develops SBA loans for the bank's portfolio.

U.S. Bank offers SBA loans for businesses in almost any for-profit industry. Loan amounts range from $100,000 to more than $11.25 million, and are available for a variety of business purposes, including:

  • Commercial real estate purchases

  • Business acquisition or expansion

  • Construction

  • Equipment, inventory or working capital

  • Debt refinancing

Not only are the folks at U.S. Bank extremely efficient and effective in funding SBA loans, but they are also particularly receptive to working with those businesses that have taken − and use − our Profit Mastery program.

As Paul states, "The business applicants who have been exposed to Profit Mastery tend to be better prepared and more bankable."

Click here and we'll connect you to the folks at U.S. Bank so you can find out for yourself how simple the process is.

U.S. Bank and Profit Mastery − an excellent fit!

Are You Missing Out on Hidden
Cash and Profits in Your Business?

Profit Gap - our amazing new analysis tool - is the answer!

Remember how cool the Profit Mastery tools were when you took the course? If you thought the course was good, you'll love Profit Gap.

Profit Mastery’s Profit Gap financial reporting system is a tool that automatically and securely extracts your financial information from your QuickBooks® file to produce a custom report with your business numbers.

See your Scorecard, Road Map, Break-Even Analysis, and Financial Gap all come to life!

What could you do with $30,000 or even $200,000 more cash? Not only does Profit Gap do all your Profit Mastery calculations, but it also does the math to find hidden cash that most companies do not know they have.

The Profit Gap reports that we have run for Profit Mastery students have often revealed large amounts of cash hidden within most businesses. Profit Gap has rarely found less than $30,000 of hidden cash and often finds more than $200,000, depending on the size of the business. Profit Gap usually finds 10% -20% of a company’s annual revenue in hidden cash.


The company in this picture (showing part of the Profit Road Map), is not efficiently managing their Payables and their Inventory levels, indicating nearly $400,000 of hidden cash!

Profit Mastery gives you the tools to calculate this on your own, but we know you might be too busy to spend the time doing the math to find these inefficiencies. So, why not let Profit Gap do it for you in minutes?

Profit Gap will provide you with a full report for the first month for free. If it does not find what you are looking for, simply cancel with no liability to pay for anything. Why not?! You have nothing to lose, and possibly a lot of cash to be gained!

Profit Gap is a subscription-based service available from Profit Mastery here. Look into it today!

Profit Gap Beta Testers Needed

To expand Profit Gap to include Profit Mastery students using the QuickBooks® Online Edition, FinancialSoft, (Profit Mastery’s Profit Gap service providing partner) would like to work with you. If you use QuickBooks® Online Edition to manage your financial data for your company, FinancialSoft would like to test your company for three months for FREE.

This is a limited opportunity. The first 20 companies (and their advisors) to sign up for our Beta Test will receive the following:

  • Three month free subscription for Profit Gap financial reports, a $300 value

  • Three month license to attend Profit Mastery University Online, a $695 value

In this special offer, Profit Gap reports are offered in a bundle with Profit Mastery University online, because we have learned that once people understand and are comfortable with accounting language and process, it opens a new perspective on how their business can be more profitable.

Please fill out the form on this web page and FinancialSoft will contact you directly about becoming a Beta tester.

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