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Why Go It Alone

After years of attempting to exercise on my own via VHS/CD/DVD, walks around the block, etc., I finally started attending a twice-weekly yoga class earlier this year. I use the word "attempting" because before the yoga class it was largely a hit or miss affair, depending on weather, mood, level of perceived business, etc.

Since starting this class, I have become a yoga devotee.  I love yoga. It's changed my life, changed my body, changed my whole outlook on life.  It's the first exercise that I actually crave.  I don't miss a class unless I really have an unavoidable conflict. Why has yoga clicked with me unlike any other activity?  Part of it is the activity yoga is great, no doubt.  But I've bought the yoga-expert DVDs and books before and didn't get the same spark.  I think it's really due to a wonderful teacher and participating in a strong group. I feel supported and challenged and connected in ways I could never get on my own.

That's one of the reasons why joining a performance group can be such a positive decision for a business owner.  One of our FIT performance group members, Jamie Peghiny of Southborough Jewelers, recently shared his 2005 business accomplishments with the rest of his group. It's a phenomenal list.  Here are just a few things:

Sales = 20% over 2004
December Sales = 20% over 2004
Prepared Cash Flow Projection
Purchased using Buying Plan
Prepared Business Plan
Prepared Marketing Plan
Analyzed vendors by GMROI
Hired full-time sales employee
Eliminated most of our giftware inventory

When I asked Jamie what impact being part of a performance group had on his accomplishments, he replied,  "I can honestly say that many of the things on my list would not have been done without becoming a group member."  The group provides the mental stimulation, the opportunity to hear first hand what others are doing, and the accountability to make things happen.

So as the Australians say, "good on ya" if you've got the discipline to go it solo. But for the rest of us there's nothing like a good group to challenge us to higher levels of performance.  See you in class!


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