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Issue #22 - October 2007     

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Manage Right and Steer Clear
of the Perfect Storm

Part I

Remember the movie The Perfect Storm? The one where all the weather conditions aligned to create the optimum conditions for the biggest storm in 100 years? Picture the monster waves, the howling winds, and the storm-tossed ship. Well, I'm here to tell you that you might have the perfect conditions in your business to create your very own 100 year storm. It's called a cash crisis and it's nastier than any movie N'Wester you've ever experienced. continued...

***Profit Mastery DVD Preview***

All of us at Business Resource Services (BRS) are very excited to present our newest product, “Profit Mastery: Creating Value and Building Wealth” in DVD format. Our DVD series was produced in front of a live audience at an actual seminar. The DVD preview is ready for viewing!

Profit Mastery Workshops for Business Owners

Over 97% of the people who attend our workshops say they've substantially increased their understanding of the health, strengths and weaknesses of their companies. Change the way you manage your business, increase your cash flow, and find profits you never knew existed. This Seminar Schedule is for general sessions.

FIT Software 
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Road Map to Success  - Great Management Tool!
We've taken our Road Map, enlarged (22x28) and laminated it so you can write on it over and over again. At only $26.95, it's a great investment. 
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