Profit Mastery Performance Groups

Improve Your Profits and Cash Flow with Ongoing Support and Direction


Peer Group Exchange and Support • A Skilled Facilitator •
Financial Benchmarks • Structured Meetings

What is a Performance Group? A performance group is a group of business owners who meet regularly to share operational and planning ideas, and to act as a "board of advisors" for each of its members. Profit Mastery provides a skilled facilitator, financial benchmarks, structured agendas, financial analysis training, and administrative support.

What is the impact? With consistent accountability, you integrate financial benchmarking into the ongoing process of monitoring and managing your business. Applying this process with a group of your peers provides a pool of "best practices," or standards, from which to draw when implementing your plans. You'll achieve your goals far more quickly and efficiently than doing it on your own. Click here to learn more about the impact of participating.

What are the results? By focusing management efforts toward a plan your members can go beyond crisis management and actually create the company they want to own. What makes it work? You do. Participating in a Performance Group will give you a resource for solving your own business management challenges faster and more effectively.

The cost is minimal for the benefits you can get from a Profit Mastery Performance Group - and you get one step closer to running your business vs. it running you!
- Larry Rickert, Jim Kryshak Jewelers

Profit Mastery is an often sought-after resource and partner to businesses worldwide. No matter what your industry, type of company, or size, Profit Mastery can help you get to the next level of performance.

Over the last 20-plus years, thousands of business owners just like yourself have applied our proven techniques to their businesses, resulting in greater profits and improved cash flow.

Our work is unparalleled in the combined areas of practical financial education, benchmark studies, and peer performance groups. Tap into our experience and savvy today. Our instructors have a tremendous ability to motivate audiences and build excitement around the usually dreaded "numbers" topic. Contact us and let us show you how to bring "numbers know-how" to life. Your financial success and strength depends on it.

What makes this process so valuable?

  • Peer group exchange and support
  • A skilled facilitator
  • Regular financial benchmarks and structured meetings
  • More control of the financial side of your business
  • An understanding of what drives profits and cash flow in your business
  • Strategies to plan a more profitable future
  • Pricing techniques that will immediately increase your cash flow.
  • Practice with industry-specific case studies and real-life examples.
  • More confidence in dealing with banks and accountants
  • A plain-English (and entertaining!) approach

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Profit Mastery is a financial performance systemthat will provide the differentiating point in the market that can catalyze your company’s success. Over the years, we have worked extensively with hundreds of companies, universities, trade associations, banks, pharmacies and franchise networks — large and small — to bring the Profit Mastery resources to thousands of their staff, customers, and prospects. Although originally perceived to be a training program, the real outcomes were actually centered around business performance, business development, and retention. 

Profit Mastery has an international reputation for providing unparalleled financial management and business planning education and resources to owners, managers, advisors, and bankers of independent business. We have developed a unique way of providing education thousands of business owners have described as “the best program they have ever attended” and “they will never look at their businesses they same way again!” We accomplish this by utilizing a unique combination of information, motivation…and humor!

Through our ongoing involvement in Profit Mastery, we have learned that Performance Group members consistently outperform non-members in growth, profitability, and management process.
- Gigi Harding, CEO Kwik Kopy Printing Canada

Here are just a few of the skills we can help you build:

  • Diagnose and monitor your company's financial performance
  • Use break-even analysis to make better decisions relating to cost, price, and profits
  • Avoid cash crunches and increase cash flow
  • Plan for and manage growth
  • Communicate more effectively with bankers and other financial professionals
  • Structure a loan that's the right fit for your business

Managing a business without Profit Mastery is like driving to an unfamiliar destination without a roadmap!
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- Alonso Arellano, Latin Business Association

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