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Profit Mastery University online will help you gain the knowledge and skills to achieve financial success in your business.

Since 1984, thousands of business owners just like yourself have applied our proven techniques to their businesses, resulting in greater profits and improved cash flow. This is the next level of financial management: a world-class online program designed to help you achieve greater profitability and efficiency.

Get ready to dive into your financials and learn how to manage your cash flow, make better financial decisions, and develop a plan to grow your business!

Profit Mastery University (PMU) is a user-friendly and funny online seminar that teaches how to manage a company from its financial reports -- something every business owner or manager needs to know how to do. We'll teach you how to monitor your company's financial position, identify causes of financial distress and how to cure them, and how to manage and understand costs, contribution margins, the Income Statement and Balance Sheet. You'll learn insightful new analysis tools — utilizing a case study, application-driven format that delivers an eye-opening, uniquely powerful perspective on business performance.

Often delivered in a classroom setting over two days, the entire Profit Mastery course is now easily and conveniently viewed 24/7/365 in bite-sized segments online. Preview the streaming video series here.

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Total Program Length: 9.5 hours (17 hours estimated total with course work).

Profit Mastery has by far the BEST financial tools to share with owners, with tips to understand how to effectively run your business. If you are truly serious about improving your bottom line, you must have a handle on the topics discussed in this online course.
--James Burns, Territory Business Manager, Oreck

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Here are just a few of the skills we can help you build:

  • Diagnose and monitor your company's financial performance
  • Use break-even analysis to make better decisions relating to cost, price, and profits
  • Avoid cash crunches and increase cash flow
  • Plan for and manage growth
  • Communicate more effectively with bankers and other financial professionals
  • Structure a loan that's the right fit for your business
PMU delivers today's most powerful, effective and sophisticated financial performance tools in a plain English, laugh-out-loud streaming video format right to your computer. Priced at $895 you'll find value and information that you can use in your business immediately!

The instruction was very good. I enjoyed the case studies and the exercises which allowed me to really comprehend the material. The instructor made it fun with his sense of humor. Above all, the instructor is very knowledgeable."
--Valerie, Inline Packaging, Princeton, MN

Profit Mastery Univeristy's financial education includes:

  • Online streaming video, broken up into short, manageable segments
  • Offline case studies and coursework
  • A unique Participant's Guide workbook/reference resource that precisely tracks and guides you through the video presentation, contains all course materials, and provides substantial post-course support
  • One year of access to the online videos
  • Profit Mastery is an often sought-after resource and partner to companies worldwide. No matter what your industry, type of company, or size, Profit Mastery can help you get to the next level of performance.

Managing a business without Profit Mastery is like driving to an unfamiliar destination without a roadmap!
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--Alonso Arellano, Latin Business Association

The online Profit Mastery course is broken up into six segments:
  • Introduction: Creating a Foundation for Change
  • Financial Analysis
  • Price-Volume-Costs
  • Cash Flow
  • Financial Gap Analysis
  • Financial Planning & Planning for Transition

As you may know, I was referred to you by one of our competitors who said that if we want to educate the franchisee on the financial side of the business, Steve LeFever can do it like no one else. I have to admit that this prediction came true. The proof of the pudding is in the eating -- and I am pleased to report that our franchisees discretionary income increased by 30%.
--Gerald Berglerm, Executive Vice President, American Speedy Printing Center

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