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Profit Mastery University Video Previews

Financial management education is repeatedly cited as the single greatest need for business owners across all industries. Steve LeFever is the acknowledged expert on the subject. Part comedian, part financial manager, former commercial banker, current entrepreneur, and world-class presenter, Steve drives home his message with a no-nonsense, laugh-out-loud approach.

Profit Mastery takes the mystery out of the numbers; you will gain specific tools that can be applied immediately to improve the financial health of your business.

Total Program Length: 9.5 hours (17 hours estimated total with course work).

"Why is financial illiteracy so widespread in business?"
Profit Mastery University - Introduction, Profit Mastery course goals (3:35)

"What percentage of business owners look at their business like a banker does? Why?"
Profit Mastery University - Introduction to the Score Sheet  (1:18)


"How much money do you need to borrow? How long do you need to borrow it for?"
Profit Mastery University - Introduction to the Financial Gap Tool  (1:39)


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Profit Mastery financial education includes:
  • Online streaming video, broken up into short, manageable segments
  • Offline case studies and coursework
  • A unique Participant's Guide workbook/reference resource that precisely tracks and guides you through the video presentation, contains all course materials, and provides substantial post-course support

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