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(Note: Profit Gap was previously known as Profit Guard.)


Profit Gap
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Profit Gap
Report Descriptions
(All pages are automatically populated with your company’s QuickBooks data)


Executive Summary Written Report on Your Current Status
Scorecard with Industry Comparisons Your Last 3 Months Metrics Compared to Your Goals, Plus Comparable Peer Data
The Profit Road Map Your Profit Road Map, with Your Numbers, Automated to Show and Highlight Areas of Concern.
Profit Mastery Assessment Your Numerical Cash and Profit Opportunities Against Goals. Plus Sensitivity Analysis of Cash Impact of a Change of One Day on Inventory, Receivables, and Payables. Also, Impact on Profit with 1% Change in Margins.
13-month Trend Charts Sales, Net Profit and Operating Cash Flow Monthly Chart graphing the last 13 Months of Your Performance for Sales, Net Profit, and Operating Cash Flow.
Balance Sheet and Income Statement, Asset Management Ratios Monthly Charts Graphing Your Balance Sheet and Income Statement Scorecard Metrics for the Last 13 Months.
Average Days Aging, Inventory and Turnover of Receivables Monthly Charts Graphing Your Days Aging and Turnover of Receivables, Inventory, and Payables Scorecard Metrics for the Last 13 Months.
Balance Sheet The Last 13 Months of Your Balance Sheet Major Accounts.
Income Statement The Last 13 Months of Your Income Statement Major Accounts.
Break-Even Analysis A Financial Planning Tool that Determines Your Break-Even for the Company to Show Sales Change Required for Various Fixed Cost Levels. Also Shows the Change in Net Profit Resulting from Selected % Changes in Your Variable Cost.
Financial Gap Analysis Planning Tool to Determine Your Cash Investment Needed to Grow Your Company at Various Rates, Assuming the Same Efficiencies. Also Compares Result Against the Same Industry.
Financial Gap Analysis with Variables Same as Described in Financial Gap, but with Additional Metrics that Show the Impact of Changes in Balance Sheet Efficiencies.

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