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We use the Profit Mastery course as the primary financial training vehicle for the Center. We provide graduates with the Profit Mastery tools and assist in translating what they learn.
- Maricopa SBDC Phoenix, AZ

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Normally delivered in a classroom setting over two days, the entire Profit Mastery course
is now easily and conveniently viewed 24/7/365 in bite-sized segments online.

PMU delivers today's most powerful, effective and sophisticated financial performance tools in a plain English, laugh-out-loud streaming video format right to your computer. Priced at $695, you'll find value and information that you can use in your business immediately!

SBDC Centers who offer the Profit Mastery curriculum have experienced positive client response, including significant sales growth, measurable job creation/retention, increased bank lines of credit, and the expansion of businesses into new locations.

In just the past four years, SBDC counselors nationwide have trained over 3,500 clients using the Profit Mastery financial education online video curriculum. There are now over 350 Profit Mastery/SBDC Certified Facilitators or Consultants in over 35 states/regions.

The counselor testimonial quotes on this page represent the experiences of SBDC center directors who have offered the program in 2012. They tell the Profit Mastery story much better than we can!

Profit Mastery has proven to provide SBDC centers with the ability to effect a "cultural change" achieving the goal of serving larger businesses that can drive greater economic impacts, significantly increasing referrals from banks to the SBDC, and in general, significantly improving the overall perception of the business community about the SBDC network that is offering the Profit Mastery curriculum on a regular basis.

Profit Mastery is one of the best programs I have seen to teach entrepreneurs how cash flows through their business & how to manage the finances of their business.
- Solano College SBDC, Fairfield, CA


Profit Mastery is a financial performance system that provides the differentiating point in the market that can catalyze your client’s success. Over the years, we have worked extensively with hundreds of companies, universities, trade associations, banks, pharmacies and franchise networks — large and small — to bring the Profit Mastery resources to thousands of their staff, customers, and prospects.

Profit Mastery has an international reputation for providing unparalleled financial management and business planning education and resources to owners, managers, advisors, and bankers of independent business. We have developed a unique way of providing education thousands of business owners have described as “the best program they have ever attended” and “they will never look at their businesses they same way again!” We accomplish this by utilizing a unique combination of information, motivation…and humor!

One example is a client who went through the material, then used it to analyze a possible relocation and expansion from rented space into their own building. They ultimately obtained $700,000 in bank funding to accomplish this goal.
- Wyoming Entrepreneur - SBDC, Powell, WY


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