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Profit Mastery: Creating Value and Building Wealth, the internationally-acclaimed live seminar, is now available as an online streaming high-definition video program.

“After taking the Profit Mastery course, my finances improved. As my top line shrunk, my bottom line improved, and it was the best year on record for my business.” — Jeffrey Cripe, i9 Sports

“Managing a business without Profit Mastery is like driving to an unfamiliar destination without a roadmap! Sign up today!” — Alonso Arellano, Latin Business Association

“As a CPA with more than 30 years working with clients of all sizes, my eyes were opened to a number of issues that will help me assist all of my clients much better!” — Bill Noble, TN SBDC

“I recommend you run...don’t walk, to sign up for this outstanding program.”— Larry Cassidy, Vistage Chair & Cope Award winner

“We just completed the third Profit Mastery module. Profit Mastery will help set us apart from our competitors and continue to improve what we do best. We are excited to discuss our financials now!” — Joe and Tammy Henderson, Winmark Franchisees – Once Upon A Child

"The Profit Mastery program is hands down the best financial program I have ever seen. It connects profit and cash in a way that is game changing."— Scott Byrnes, Northern Initiatives

“The seminar was excellent and I came away with the financial concepts that I have been looking for the past 10 years.”— Ed Stanek, President, LAI Maintenance Systems, Inc.

“Outstanding! Will probably impact our operation more than any educational program I’ve attended. Time well spent.” — Steve Uffman, Executive Vice President, Credit Bureau of Baton Rouge, Inc.

“Someone in business who doesn’t have access to this information might as well sell out and go to work for someone who does.” — Karl Breaux, Lafayette, LA

“Solid information regarding financial issues in a very understandable manner. These tools allow us to confidently deal with planning." — Stephan G. Nogal, Owner, Inn at Langley

“We’d done everything wrong but didn’t realize it until this program. We’d expanded too quickly and didn’t understand the consequences. Now we know how our business really works. We owe our success to this program.” — Mike Joselyn, President, Building Source, Inc.

“Finally, I got some hard-hitting answers to questions that my company has wrestled with for years.” — Jodi Bowser, Pyramid Printing

“Never a dull moment. I really liked the hands-on approach because it helped drive the information home for me.” — Willis F. Brown, CPA

“I have an MBA from The University of Chicago and Profit Mastery has been the most useful seminar that I have ever attended. I feel you have given me the means to control my business destiny. Thank you.” — Bruce Holstrom, President, Permalawn, Inc.

“As critical for running a business as pilot training is to flying a plane! I will be sending my key management people in the near future." — Harvey Leob, President, Triangle Electronics

Produced in front of a live audience at an actual seminar, you'll see real people learning the same tools and concepts ― you'll feel like you're right in the classroom!

  • Makes Business Finance Enjoyable & Accessible!

  • Short and Concise Online Streaming Video (9.5 hours total) 

  • Real-World Case Studies

  • Mix of Motivation, Information & Humor

Taught by world-renowned speaker Steve LeFever, Profit Mastery: Creating Value and Building Wealth provides real-world financial tools, delivered in plain English, to help businesses survive and thrive. 

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