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Profit Mastery University's online finance training includes:

  • Almost 10 hours of streaming video broken into short, manageable segments

  • Approximately 7 hours of offline case studies and coursework

  • A unique 400-page workbook/reference resource that precisely tracks and guides you through the video presentation, contains all course materials, and provides substantial post-course support

Profit Mastery University online is the financial management course that will give you the tools and confidence to manage your business by the numbers.

After watching Profit Mastery University online and working our case studies, you'll never again feel intimidated by your banker or CPA — and you'll never look at your business the same again.

"This financial training is superb. Even if someone considers themselves an expert in finance, they will learn something from your program - and actually go home and put money in their pocket!"

— Lonnie Meredith, The Drug Store Pharmacy, Haskell, TX

Profit Mastery University online delivers today's most powerful, effective and sophisticated financial performance tools in a plain English, laugh-out-loud streaming video format right to your computer, so you can watch it any time. (Normally delivered in a classroom setting over two days, the course is now easily and conveniently viewed 24/7/365 in bite-sized segments online.)

About the presenter
Steve LeFever - part comedian, part financial manager, former commercial banker, current entrepreneur and world-class presenter. Steve drives home his message with a no-nonsense, laugh-out-loud approach that makes him the top-rated presenter at virtually every conference he attends. 

"Steve LeFever is one of the best speakers I have ever seen, and the best by far on this topic. I recommend you run ... don't walk, to sign up for this outstanding program."

— Larry Cassidy, Vistage Chair & Cope Award winner

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Profit Mastery University is accredited
for 17 hours of CPE by ACPE
(Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education)

The Washington State Pharmacy Association is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education as a Provider of Continuing Pharmacy Education.

“Very clear and easy to understand. These were concepts I knew of for many years, but did not have a good understanding of. I feel so much smarter and more confident in my financial matters. I cannot wait to impress my accountants and CFO!”

— Marla Knight, Sears Methodist Pharmacy, Abilene, TX

Review the Course Syllabus

Profit Mastery University online includes seven modules that can show you how to make your business thrive:
  • Creating a Foundation for Change - Learn the primary causes of business failures and underperformance - and how to avoid them
  • Financial Analysis, Part 1 - Explore practical techniques of strategic financial analysis using a real life case study and a uniquely effective scorecard/roadmap tool.
  • Financial Analysis, Part 2 - Continue working with the case study and learn how to solve the problems that cause financial distress and quantify/pinpoint the effect of management inefficiencies
  • Price-Volume-Costs - Use Break Even Analysis to measure the profit impact of every management/operating decision. You will use this tool every day.
  • Cash Flow - Cash flow analysis and forecasting: Why and how to do it - and the impact it can have on the way you run your company, using cash flow patterns as a decision tool.
  • Financial Gap Analysis - Manage your long term cash flow utilizing the most effective balance sheet technique available.
  • Banking & Planning for Transition - Learn how to package loan proposals for your bank and how to implement exit strategies, succession planning, and how to consider transition issues and factors that drive valuation.

“This is the meat and potatoes of pharmacy finance. Every pharmacist should see this presentation at least twice!”

— J.D. Fain, Giddings Drug, Giddings, TX


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